Computer Vision @ UIUC (CS)

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Computer Vision Group Lunch - Spring 2020

Time and Place: Every Wednesday, Starts 4:00 pm, Siebel Center 3403

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Alumni/Sometime Members

This is not an exhaustive list. Let us know if your name is not here.

Amin Sadeghi
Alex Sorokin
Ali Farhadi
Deva Ramanan (currently Asst. Prof. at UC Irvine)
Duan Tran
Erik Learned-Miller (currently Asst Prof. at UM Amherst)
Frank Cho
Gang Wang (currently Asst. Prof at NTU, Singapore)
Ian Endres (Currently at Here Technologies)
Jaety Edwards
John Haddon
Kevin Karsch
Kobus Barnard (currntly Assc. Prof. at U. Arizona)
Nazli Ikizler (currently Asst. Prof. at Hacettepe University)
Nicolas Loeff (currently Quantitative Researcher, RGM Advisors, LLC)
Leslie Ikemoto (Animate-me)
Okan Arikan (currently Asst. Prof. at U.T. Austin; Animate-me)
Pina Duygulu (currently at Bilkent University)
Ruiqi Guo
Ryan White (currently at
Saurabh Singh (currently at Google Inc.)
Sergey Ioffe (Google)
Stephen Chenney (left for UW Madison)
Tamara Berg (currently Asst. Prof. at UNC Chapel Hill)
Varsha Hedau
Yang Wang (Post Doc.)
Zicheng Liao
Joel Quintana (intern)
Sang Hyun Park (intern)
Robert Rand (intern)