The CORE dataset is intended to help learn more detailed models and for exploring cross-category generalization in object recognition. It has already been used for exploring problems such as:

Describing familiar and unfamiliar objects
Localizing parts for pose, viewpoint, and object parsing


11/1/2010 - Included evaluation code and precomputed detections.
10/12/2010 - Updated Dataset README
The README is also included with the annotations.
6/11/2010 - The website is now up!
Everything you need to get started with the dataset is here; learning and inference tools will be added soon.
Be sure to visit our workshop talk at ACVHL2010 and poster at CVPR2010 this week.


[1] “Attribute-Centric Recognition for Cross-category Generalization” [pdf]
Ali Farhadi, Ian Endres, and Derek Hoiem
CVPR 2010.
[2] “The Benefits and Challenges of Collecting Richer Object Annotations” [pdf]
Ian Endres, Ali Farhadi, Derek Hoiem, and David Forsyth
ACVHL 2010 (in conjunction with CVPR).
[3] “Describing Objects by their Attributes” [pdf][related website]
Ali Farhadi, Ian Endres, Derek Hoiem, and David A. Forsyth
CVPR 2009.


You can browse the dataset online here.


Annotated Dataset CORE_v1_data.tar.gz (522MB)
The base dataset, includes the images and annotations.
The LabelMe toolbox provides many helpful functions for manipulating this dataset: LabelMe Toolbox
Detection Evaluation CORE_v1_eval.tar.gz (7.2KB)
Code used in [1] to evaluate part and object predictions on the CORE dataset.
Precomputed Bounding Boxes CORE_v1_detections.tar.gz (3.4GB)
Top 1000 bounding boxes for each image from category and part models trained with Felzenszwalb et al.
Dataset Toolbox (Coming Soon) CORE_v1_tools.tar.gz
A set of Matlab code to supplement the LabelMe toolbox. This includes code to retrieve, aggregate, and display data from the images. See documentation included in the package.
Object/Part Detection Models (Coming Soon) CORE_v1_det_models.tar.gz
These are the models we used for localizing parts and objects in [1]
These require the detection code from Felzenszwalb et al. (use version 3.x): Detection
Training, Inference, and Evaluation (Coming Soon) CORE_v1_full_model.tar.gz
This code in conjunction with the Object/Part Models can be used to reproduce the results found in [1]


This dataset was supported in part by a Google Research Award, the National Science Foundation under IIS (0904209), an NSF CAREER Award (1053768), an ONR MURI Award (N000141010934), and gifts from Microsoft and Intel.

Please contact iendres2 -at- uiuc.edu with any questions.

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